Compliance and Investigations

WFonseca Advogados assists its national and foreign clients with compliance matters, providing analysis and indicating preventative measures for management and solution of crises stemming from violations of the law. WFonseca Advogados’s work also focuses on mitigation of risks and even eliminating potential damages to clients’ activities and credibility in the market.

Among the activities of WFonseca Advogados are:

  • Internal investigations.
  • Crisis prevention and management.
  • Preparation of press releases.
  • Negotiations on agreements with governmental authorities.
  • Corporative training in the best compliance practices.
  • Audits at suppliers.
  • Implementation and review of Compliance Programs.
  • Guidance to companies by monitoring the activity of their employees, services providers, and suppliers.
  • External investigations with effects on the criminal, tax, administrative, and civil spheres, among others.
  • Analysis of the impacts of illegal practices in Brazil with effects on the Securities and Exchange Commission, US Department of Justice, among others.