Real Estate

Currently, the real estate market demands a thorough analysis of the documents of real estate transactions. It is fundamental to measure the risks that may harm the negotiation and adopt sensible precautions. To this end, WFonseca Advogados undertakes the following activities:

  • Analysis of real estate documentation.
  • Preparation and analysis of real estate contracts (contract for deed, draft of final deed) as well as exchange, residential, and commercial lease contracts.
  • Deed to create exempt property or usufruct, with impossibility to levy execution, commingle, be sold; deed of donation, etc.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary adverse possession.
  • Condemnation and possessory actions in general.
  • Assistance to real estate developments, whether investor, developer or “terrenista” (owner of the area), meeting all demands for the business to be carried out in line with legal certainty.
  • Guidance on the tax, administrative, urban, and corporate areas (organization of holding, special-purpose companies, etc.).