Digital Law and Data Protection

Law 13709/18 (General Data Protection Act - LGPD) established a series of measures that companies will have to take to ensure the privacy of the personal data they manage. Therefore, it is fundamental that the companies, assisted by specialized consultancy, prepare a LGPD Adjustment Program setting the following phases and measures:

  • Mapping and inventory of the data treated by the organization.
  • Identification of the levels of associates and third parties’ access to personal data.
  • Definition of the data management structure at the company.
  • Awareness of the subject with the high management.
  • Preparation/revision of privacy policies.
  • Evaluation of and suggestion for adaptation of websites, applications, terms of use, and cookies.
  • Evaluation and adaptation of the information security measures.
  • Support for the definition of the personal data management system at the organization, such as data income, permanence, exit.
  • Preparation of checklist to evaluate suppliers that will operate the personal data.
  • Implementation of data access controls.
  • Preparation of periodical announcements about the data protection program.
  • Training for key employees.
  • Assessment of risk (DPIA) of projects, websites, applications, and other existing processes.
  • Assistance to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or DPO’s outsourcing.
  • Assistance in crisis situations, contact with the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), institutional communication, etc.

WFonseca Advogados acts in the digital law field, comprising:

  • Construction of corporate structure adequate to explore new technologies through start-ups and companies connected to the digital commerce, communication, financial services, etc.
  • Consultancy on tax aspects pertinent to such activities.
  • Assistance with registration of marks, patents, software, and methods for intellectual property purposes.