Given the significant development taking place in business activities, our clients have been facing the need to update their businesses because of the constant change in Brazilian legislation. Aware of this problem, WFonseca offers the following regulatory services:

– Evaluation of the registration processes at regulatory agencies.

– Filing of defenses and appeals with entities of the public administration.

– Assistance to obtain operation licenses and registrations at public agencies, such as:

  • Operation permit/license in the municipal, state, and federal spheres.
  • Fire Department Inspection Report and building/renovation permit.
  • Making the status of constructions/operations/zoning regular before the municipality and the real estate register.
  • Developments, (re)dismembering, condominiums, and operational/commercial/economic allotments.
  • Obtain records, licenses, and registrations such as tax records, registrations and licenses, enrollment in the Register of Corporate Taxpayers/Ministry of Finance (CNPJ/MF), in municipal and state registers, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Unemployment Savings Fund (FGTS).
  • Operational and registration reorganization of establishments/National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAES).
  • Enrollment in records and licenses from and registrations with Registries of Commerce in Brazil.
  • Obtain differentiated tax, regulatory, and operational regimes.
  • Accessory regulatory and tax obligations.
  • Evaluation of the registration processes at Regulatory Agencies.
  • Obtain and maintain authorizations, registrations, licenses at Regulatory Agencies.
  • Obtain operational licenses and registration of products and establishments with the Sanitary Surveillance, National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (ANVISA), Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Raising, and Supply (MAPA), Metrology, Quality and Technology Institute (Inmetro/IPEN).
  • Compliance with the rules on labeling, transportation, storage, and advertising before public agencies, such as ANVISA, ANS, MAPA, ANAC, ANEEL, ANATEL, ANTT, ANP, INMETRO, ONS, CONAR, among others.
  • Preparation/launching of commercial promotions and distribution of prizes (draws and contests).
  • Consultancy on and execution of procedures for implementation of rules/manuals/internal policies of clients, and their suppliers.
  • Licenses and reports on the use of chemical, dangerous, and explosive products.
  • Operation licenses from the Ministry of Defense, Federal Police, and Civil Police.
  • Consultancy on and treatment of information under the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).