Corporate Law and M&A

Equity management and corporate structuring require professional and efficient treatment. Three factors are essential for success: (i) preparation of the business structure for growth and resulting development in the segment of activity; (ii) protection of the equity relating to the business activity separating the entrepreneur’s personal equity; (iii) planning and organization of the company’s succession.

To guarantee efficient solutions for such needs, WFonseca Advogados provides customized services, among them:

  • Organization of companies and drafting of articles of association, by-laws, and amendments.
  • Assistance with meetings of company’s quotaholders or shareholders.
  • Draft of quotaholders or shareholders’ agreements.
  • Registration of and compliance with the rules on foreign investments.
  • Dissolution of companies and assistance in case of conflicts among company’s quotaholders or shareholders.
  • Consultancy and guidance on registration of corporate acts.
  • Draft of articles of association/incorporation of joint venture companies, special purpose companies, unincorporated joint venture companies, companies’ consortium, etc.

WFonseca Advogados also has a specialized team of professionals with wide experience in merger and acquisition and corporate restructuring:

  • Monitoring of due diligences to measure the risks involved in acquisitions, identify liabilities and need for contingencies.
  • Preparation of documents required for M&As, such as confidentiality agreement, information memorandum, corporate interest assignment agreement, etc.
  • Organization, analysis, and availability of the documentation involved (data room).
  • Corporate restructuring to add efficiency to the client’s business and implement corporate governance practices to achieve its longevity.