The complexity of the Brazilian Tax System combined with the heavy tax burden and the tax authority's appetite requires understanding the tax legislation's application to all sectors of the economy.

Adequate planning is fundamental to reach effective solutions and guarantee a smaller tax burden and an accurate assessment of tax risks in the most different operations.

In this context, WFonseca Advogados undertakes various activities, among them:

  • Tax Planning for all sectors of economic activities (industry, agribusiness, trade, and services).
  • Preparation of projects to obtain Special Regimes and Tax Incentives.
  • Assistance to meet the tax inspection requirements.
  • Revision of tax procedures and recovery of tax credits through a refund or offsetting against federal, state, and municipal taxes.
  • Obtain tax compliance certificates.
  • Tax due diligence for merger, consolidation, acquisition, and spin-off of companies.
  • Filing of defenses and appeals in tax administrative proceedings before Federal, State, and Municipal Administrative Councils and Courts.
  • Handling of legal actions involving the declaration of the taxpayer's rights, annulment of tax assessments, recognition of tax credit, etc.
  • Monitoring and legal handling of companies' tax liabilities.